What a lovely first week back we have had!

The children are an absolute joy and they continue to inspire us and make us smile.

As I walked onto the playground, some little ones were pointing at the ground, eagerly showing me what one said was like the’ rainbow fallen on the floor’! The colourful chalk patterns made the infants so proud and then I looked closer and saw some rainbows with NHS written underneath!

It is clearly on the minds of some of our children to continue to think of our incredible NHS and how they never fail to provide us with such care and dedication. Recently, I have seen a few rainbows in the sky and they certainly do remind us of God’s promise-to look after us. In these very different times, it is so important to remember to see the beauty in everything. I certainly saw beauty today when I felt the sunshine and observed the children at play over lunchtime break.

Working in a school is such a privilege and it is amazing how many times you feel humbled to be part of so many children’s lives. At St.Mary’s, the compassionate attitudes towards each other and the behaviour of our children is endearing.

The last week of the half tern saw Mr. Gilmour organising and choreographing a new school video! I have organised a few school videos in my time and it is not an easy task. The time had come to hand over the baton and I am glad I did! Mr. Gilmour directed groups of children to various places around school and our videographer spent time just freely videoing all classes as they got on with usual school life. I haven’t seen the finished article yet but I cannot wait! I have heard all about the Roman army marching to crusade, using the shields they had made in class. Seth led a superb battle and took the reenactment very seriously. Well done children!

We can’t comment enough on how skilful, creative and kind our staff team are. We are very lucky at St.Mary’s.

We wish you all a lovely weekend together-you know where we are should you need any advice or if you have any concerns, questions or help.

Miss Deakin and Mr GIlmour