Take a peek at our classroom, the Caterpillar Room and our outdoor area!

Spring 2 Growth and Green Fingers

What a half term we are having!  Class 1 have been particularly busy this half term.  It all started with an amazing kick start to our topic thanks to a virtual visit with Ian who taught us so much about plants.  He showed us a rich variety of plants from around the world and explained how each plant requires certain conditions to grow as well as the different features of these plants.  We were certainly inspired to start planting our own seeds.  As you can see, we have quite green fingers ourselves and are enjoying seeing what is happening to the seeds and plants that we have potted on a daily basis.  We are busy recording this in our plant diaries and becoming familiar with the names of different types of plants.

Not content with that, we have also been considering the different fruits that some plants give us (and where in the world they are grown).  This tied in nicely with FairTrade Fortnight and our big thinking and ethical questions but was also the perfect opportunity to practise our cutting skills and of course to taste the fruits.  We all found something new that we liked (or didn’t!).  This was another opportunity for a bit of cross-curricular learning as we wove fractions into our cutting skills to use our new-found knowledge of unit and non-unit fractions.

Our art work this half term has focussed on Monet.  We have been particularly inspired by his botanic garden pieces and our creative and painting areas within the classroom are always a hive of activity.  The children have also been particularly inspired to create pieces in the style of Monet at home too.  It is delightful to see the learning that they bring into school and share with each other with such pride!

As if that wasn’t enough, we have also marked Science Week this half term.  As well as our planting and growing, we have thought about personal hygiene and conducted experiments to find out which washing up liquid / hand gel was the best at repelling germs, which liquids do the most / least damage to the enamel on our teeth (which we then tied into the importance of cleaning our teeth for EYFS) and we tested a variety of liquids to establish which was best at cleaning the dirt off coins.  Careers Week saw us contemplate what we would like to be in the future as well as other careers that can be had too.

PSHE / HRSE / RSE has seen us learning about our feelings.  We got the chance to have another virtual visit with Ginny who has taught us about our senses earlier in the year.  It was lovely to catch back up with her in Singapore!  We have been considering how we can care about other people’s feelings just like Jesus and marked World Compliment Day both in school and at home to make sure we considered this.

We have also marked World Book Day this half term.  The children came in fabulous costumes dressed as their favourite characters and enjoyed sharing this and stories with each other.  We loved working with Class 2!  We were in for a treat too when Dan Worsley visited us and both amazed and inspired us with his storytelling.  He kindly gifted us some of his books and we are really looking forward to reading them as soon as we have finished our class novel ‘The Sheep’Pig’.

I think we are all starting to feel a little worn-out now after such a hive of activity this half term but the children are determined not to stop just yet!  We are looking forward to creating Mother’s Day and Easter surprises for you all and our CAFOD Walk Against Hunger to bring an end to our learning this term.

Spring 1 Explorers

We have had oodles of fun exploring both our natural area around us, the world and out of this world this half term!  Mrs Jones has been working with us on a Monday afternoon to teach us all about the natural environment around us.  We have learnt about why worms are so important, classifying minibeasts and animals in our local habitat, classifying trees and what makes them strong and so much more!

This led us nicely into considering other areas of the world that we would like to explore.  What a mix from exploring mountains to exploring rivers, jungles, and even the desert!  Our intrepid explorers have been busy building boats in their spare time at home to sail the waters like female explorer Ellen McArthur.  We are looking forward to testing whether they float or sink!

The children have also really engaged with this topic and created their own artwork in the style of Peter Thorpe as well as keeping abreast of current developments in space and in the media.  This has catapulted our learning out of this world and sent us learning about the planets in our solar system, constellations and space explorations.  We have created moon buggies using Lego Coding as well as our own astronauts and planets and we are very much looking forward to catching up with Neil Armstrong to ask him a few questions after we have done a little bit of research about him!

Autumn 2 Robots and Recycling

Class 1 got to learn all about our senses within this topic.  We discovered how our senses are interconnected and that we actually have additional senses beyond the five that people first think of!  It was interesting trying out lots of tests during our virtual visit with Ginny – especially when we got to try sweets.

We were also treated to another virtual visit later in the half term.  We looked at the beaches in Cornwall which were beautiful!  But, as part of our big thinking and ethical questions we had to consider the damage that humans are causing to the water and wildlife by not always recycling.  We saw images of injured animals and learnt about how they need to be rescued because of humans neglecting the world.  We began to think that perhaps God would not always be happy with our choices.

In a bid to improve recycling, we started by considering what materials can be recycled and then began to create our own junk model robots using recycling products.  They are phenomenal!

Given the approaching end of time festivities, we also began to consider Jesus’ birth and put together our amazing Nativity performance which kickstarted the last few weeks of Christmas celebrations.  Unbeknown to the children, there is always a way to sneak in some opportunities for maths such as symmetrical Christmas trees and repeating patterns!

Autumn 1 Fighting Fit and Florence Nightingale

KS1 have particularly enjoyed learning about Florence Nightingale and her nickname “The Lady with the Lamp” (of course we had to then make our own lamps!).  One fact that seems to have stuck is that Florence was unlike most nurses who would often have had a few too many drinks and would push their patients out of bed!  The children were all relieved to learn that hospitals and nurses are much improved thanks to the work of Florence Nightingale and the NHS.  We are so glad for our NHS superheroes!  Reception have also been thinking who else helps us as well and have been coming up with a great list – doctors, nurses, dentists, mechanics, police officers, fire officers and teachers have topped the list so far.

We have also been learning about the important of keeping fit and measures that we can take to help ourselves stay fit and healthy including exercise and diet.  Cory has certainly been getting us working hard in our PE lessons so that we understand the effect of exercise on our pulse and what is then happening to our bodies.  Which brings us to Music where Mrs Gilmour has also been teaching us about pulse and beat.

Fairtrade Green Week 2021

We welcomed Michael into school today to talk to use about Green Week.  We found it really interesting listening to the impact that our choices has on our world and the damage that we are doing to our planet so were determined to find our own ways to help!  We then got together with Class 2 to discuss our initiatives for helping to be a little greener both at home and at school and presented this information in posters.