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Spring 1 Explorers

Autumn 2 Robots and Recycling

Autumn 1 Fighting Fit and Florence Nightingale

KS1 have particularly enjoyed learning about Florence Nightingale and her nickname “The Lady with the Lamp” (of course we had to then make our own lamps!).  One fact that seems to have stuck is that Florence was unlike most nurses who would often have had a few too many drinks and would push their patients out of bed!  The children were all relieved to learn that hospitals and nurses are much improved thanks to the work of Florence Nightingale and the NHS.  We are so glad for our NHS superheroes!  Reception have also been thinking who else helps us as well and have been coming up with a great list – doctors, nurses, dentists, mechanics, police officers, fire officers and teachers have topped the list so far.

We have also been learning about the important of keeping fit and measures that we can take to help ourselves stay fit and healthy including exercise and diet.  Cory has certainly been getting us working hard in our PE lessons so that we understand the effect of exercise on our pulse and what is then happening to our bodies.  Which brings us to Music where Mrs Gilmour has also been teaching us about pulse and beat.

Fairtrade Green Week 2021

We welcomed Michael into school today to talk to use about Green Week.  We found it really interesting listening to the impact that our choices has on our world and the damage that we are doing to our planet so were determined to find our own ways to help!  We then got together with Class 2 to discuss our initiatives for helping to be a little greener both at home and at school and presented this information in posters.