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You will find all the information you will need about our wonderful Class 2 (Years 3-6) using the links. Thank you for visiting our page.


The children started their Iron Man topic, with a bang! As part of our curriculum, where we start with topic launch, a 10ft Iron Man landed on the school grounds. Luckily, the CSI team were out their to investigate the strange being. Children used the experience to support their creative writing and even to incorporate the Iron Man into their music lessons!

In Class 2, we have been working hard on replicating how Ted Hughes creates suspense and imagery in the story, ‘The Iron Man’.

We have been focusing on writing our own diary entries, plus techniques on how to write a novel. We have thoroughly enjoyed The Iron Man topic and have recently created our own pop up book based on our favourite chapter from the book. Below are some examples of our work. Enjoy!

Van Gogh Media City

Class 2 were fortunate enough to visit Media City and watch Van Gogh Live. It was an incredible experience, which saw us discover his amazing art work. Take a look below at our school trip out. We’ve even tried applying his techniques to our own art work.

The Great Plague 1665

After the massive hit of ‘The Iron Man’ the children were starting to think what could possibly top our next class topic. Fortunately for Class 2, The Great Plague was up next. The children started to learn lots of horrible and disgusting things about the plague and how it terribly impacted London in 1665. As part of the class topic, Class 2 have been reading the story ‘Plague: A Cross on the Door’ by Ann Turnbull. This story took us back to 1665 through the life of Sam, who is the main character and is a nine year old boy (the age of some of our Class 2 pupils). Sam has no family, but lives and works for the shoemaker, Mr Kemp. The story hooked the children and left them wanting to know more as the days passed.

Additionally, Class 2 were set the challenge of writing a newspaper report on the impact of the plague in London. Through their hard work, the children produced some amazing newspaper reports which can be seen in our reading area. We have also been using our Art and DT skills to create London houses, doors and rats which were made out of clay. Take a look below at some of our brilliant designs and hard work throughout the term!

VR Experience

For our extraordinary ending of the unit Amazon Adventure, the children were fortunate enough to see the Amazon river and rainforest from the comfort of our classroom. We were able to see various animals that lived in the rainforest such as, gorillas, orang-utans, sloths, ants and spiders. Additionally, the children were put to test with a geography quiz, which took them around the world to visit lots of famous landmarks.


Throughout last term, Class 2 have taken part in various sports competitions despite the challenges of COVID-19. It has been brilliant for the children to get involved in such a wide range of sports. As of yet, the children have taken part in Fencing, Dance, Judo, Pickle Ball, Football, Swimming and now Glow Dodgeball! Glow Dodgeball put the children through their paces, but this time in the dark!! Class 2 competed against many different local schools within the Gartstang community. Glow Dodgeball was a massive hit and it’s something we eagerly look forward to taking part in again. Not only that, but this term Class 2 will be putting their skills to the test in Curling! Watch this space!

Take a look through the gallery below to see how much fun we have had in PE last term.


Wow! What an experience curling has been!!! Within the 5 weeks, we have learnt about all the skills needed to become a master curler. The final session put our skills to the test, as we battled it out against one another. Overall, Curling was amazing fun! Definitely keep an eye out for any future St. Mary’s Olympic stars.


Well done to our new Class 2 prefects. They will taking on a number of responsibilities, which include running various lunchtime clubs (choir, phonics, pickleball and football0, school council, but most importantly, being positive role models.