We want children to enjoy writing as much as possible. Our approach to writing is creative and it enables children to produce high quality pieces of writing in a cross curricular way. We love to link our writing projects to art and D.T. The children just keep adding the pages with masking tape, treasure tags or split pins. We love to make our own books, bringing writing to life with creativity! Have a look at some of our pictures below…

We teach English explicitly every morning but we love to explore other genres in other topics and lessons too. The children all have an ‘exciting writing’ bookmark, we use these in all lessons so the children know what their individual targets are for writing and can be reminded when needed; this greatly supports their personalised learning. The targets change and evolve all the time as they are achieved and we move on, children are trained to appraise their own work against clear success criteria.

We have working walls, we key vocabulary and key text features to support all the children with their next steps and support their writing. We follow a three phase system (Reading Phase, Gathering Content Phase and Writing Phase) across KS1 and KS2 in our English lessons to ensure deeper learning and understanding, allowing children to explore genres thoroughly, develop vocabulary, time to improve their work and end with an incredibly piece of written work!