Our school has a clear intent behind our carefully designed and balanced curriculum offer:

Long term plan

The aim of our curriculum is for children to be genuinely interested in what is being taught, for all to be motivated and fully access well sequenced lessons that are engaging and accessible, yet ambitious for all.

Through our curriculum offer, we want our children to be inspired and to discover God given talents and passions they didn’t know existed. We want all children to enjoy making connections in all subjects and remember more to know more. Every opportunity is a learning opportunity and we want every child in our care to thrive, succeed, be happy and well prepared for later on in life using the toolkit they were given at St. Mary’s.

Our curriculum is designed to give our children the knowledge, skills and wisdom they need to successfully support themselves in their next steps in life, to make good choices and keep themselves safe.

We want our children to be intrinsically motivated to learn because of the vibrant, broad and creative curriculum opportunities they had during their time in our school. With Christ at the Centre, we teach and develop children through love and positivity. All staff care deeply about what children are being taught and we want all children to have high aspirations, self-belief and be kind, as our mission statement outlines:

‘Nurture a love of learning, encourage happiness, confidence and personal fulfillment, support all in achieving their full potential’

Our sequenced and progressive curriculum is reviewed regularly and all the teaching staff and Senior Leadership Team have ‘Curriculum Consultation Meetings’ at the beginning of every new topic, where we come together to share ideas and work together to give the children the very best learning opportunities we possibly can. We follow the National Curriculum and use supporting documents from Lancashire planning units of work to enhance our own structured curriculum plans and units of work.

Every half term, families and children receive a ‘Curriculum Learning Booklet’ to highlight what will be learnt during the topic, units of work and what support can be given at home. This includes new key vocabulary being taught, quizzes and interesting websites to study. 

We teach the National Curriculum requirements for all subjects through a rolling cycle. This is due to us having mixed age classes.

”Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”-William Yeats