The children have spent this week learning about Holy Week and the importance of it to our Catholic faith. Children have been celebrating the coming Holy Week by taking part in an Easter egg obstacle course hunt this morning. After completing the obstacle course, they tried to find the eggs hidden around the school grounds. Luckily, every child will go home with an Easter egg! It has been a lovely day and a great way to end the term. Have a lovely break everyone.


“So it is written that the Christ would suffer and on the third day rise from the dead” (Luke 24:46)


6.30pm: Holy Thursday, Mass of the Lords Supper at Claughton
3.00pm: Good Friday. The Celebration of the Lords Passion at Hill Chapel
8pm: Holy Saturday, The Easter Vigil at Claughton
9am: Easter Sunday, Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord at Claughton
10.30am: Easter Sunday, Mass of the Lord’s Resurrection at Hill Chapel

You are warmly welcomed to attend but as we have less space in church at the moment it will be necessary to book in advance via the church website.

Holy Week March 28th-April 3rd

2021 Holy Week Schedule - St Joseph Parish

Palm Sunday begins our Holy Week as Christ was welcomed by crowds back into Jerusalem. Such love was shown towards Him, yet there were many who were jealous and disbelieved that He was God’s Son. Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter. The Triduum is the culmination of the Church’s Liturgical year…

Holy Thursday

The Last Supper

Love cast out fear at the Last Supper - Jen Norton Art Studio

The Triduum begins on Thursday evening with the Lord’s Supper Mass, which was the beginning of the Holy Eucharist. This is the reason we celebrate Mass and marked the sharing of Christ’s body and blood for us all. The Disciples were very scared and nervous about the events. This was the last meal Jesus would share with His Disciples. During the meal, Jesus predicts His betrayal by Judas. Christ washed the feet of His Disciples and they became the first Priests. As we are co-creators with God, we too must serve one another and work as equals to care for our common home.

Good Friday

The Crucifixion of Christ

On Good Friday, we gather for the Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion- the events of such sorrow. Christ was betrayed and crucified on Calvary. Crucifixion was reserved for the worst criminals and Jesus was mocked and tortured. Jesus fell three times carrying the heavy cross. Our 14 beautiful ‘Stations of the Cross’ pieces of art work, created by our children, can be seen in our school entrance area.

After Jesus was crucified on Good Friday, His body was taken down from the cross, and placed in a tomb. The tomb was sealed with an enormous stone and guarded by Roman soldiers to prevent Jesus’ body being stolen. When Mary Magdalene visited the tomb on Easter Sunday she found that the stone had been moved, and that Jesus’ body had gone.

When Is Holy Week in 2021? Holiday Dates

On Holy Saturday we wait.

Easter Sunday

Christ is alive! We celebrate the Resurrection. Easter Sunday marks the end of Holy Week-a week after Palm Sunday. The wonderful news that Jesus came back to life and made Himself known to His Disciples gives us great faith, hope and joy. As we celebrate Easter and welcome new life and growth all around us at Spring time, we will continue to grow together in the great love that Jesus has for each and every one of us.