In 2020, we decided the children in EYFS needed the most incredible continuous provision areas, indoor and outdoor! All the staff and family members of staff came together to create the amazing outdoor area, including a reading shed, art studio, rickety bridge, planting areas, the Claughton Creamy Mud Kitchen and the Rabbit Warren!

Mrs Byrne works her magic in the EYFS area creating outstanding areas linked to each child’s development with a curriculum theme! The children instigate many topics as they learn best when they are motivated and engaged.  We plan with them using Potential Lines of Development (PLOD planning) to ensure that we listen to their ideas and follow their interests.  This is linked to an author study for each topic. Using knowledge of the children, their next step targets of development are merged with topics in order to keep moving forwards.  Targets come from ‘Development Matters’.

Our indoor area is known as ‘The Caterpillar Room’ and our outdoor area as ‘The Classroom Under the Sky’. We are very proud of our areas and constantly look for ways to improve them, giving the the children of St. Mary’s the best possible start in their school life!